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Casa Resta



Our wedding location Casa Resta is an important landmark in Contrada Centorizzi, bordered by the historic old way to Brindisi. It’s a site of ancient villages and cemeteries, as evinced by the numerous archaeological Roman findings.

The location is one of the most important and interesting house in Francavilla. In the second half of the 19th century, a building with a scenic scale joined the house, which was linked to the road to Latiano-Brindisi.

The main building has two arched openings. On the first two windows with curvilinear gables flank the majestic loggia framed by the central pilasters.

The typical double arch rests on two columns with fluted shaft for a third, rising from stands tall as the wrought iron balustrade and long upon the facade with decorative patterns similar to those of the pilasters.

In front of the home, there is a chapel with rich swirls and statues and with a unique bell tower that stands sideways by a wavy balcony. With the changes made in the nineteenth century and after World War II, the lower part is used as a lounge-diner with rear kitchen and equipped with an acetylene lighting system via a large wooden candelabra; the upper is used as sleeping area with fine finishes and amenities.

The “square” between the house and the chapel stretches westward and eastward with two walkways colonnades and arbours. It is an example of high quality rural factory with architectural and decorative connotations similar to 18th century town’s buildings.

Nowadays, the house has become one of the most exclusive location near Brindisi and Taranto and a large garden full of trees, shrubs and herbs typical of the Mediterranean scrub surround it.

A Tradition since 1650

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