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Casa Resta belongs to Resta family, appearing in Francavilla towards the 1650 with Giovanni Carlo's son, Marco Antonio. Born by his descendant, Donato, Antonio was the last of the family and husband of Donata Forleo.

The family took the coat of arms of Luca Antonio, bishop in Castro (1564), in Nicotera (1578) and in Andria (1582).

You can see the emblem on Vincenzo Zingaropoli’s painting in the chapel and on the key of the arch that frames the staircase leading to the first floor of the house. The emblem is a crown shield, shared in two quarters with golden border in the field; at the top, there is a star and the cross of Malta, at the bottom a half-bust, to which a dog prancing was subsequently added.

In the band was engraved the motto “charitas”. After some change of ownership, the house was sold to current owner, the Omnia Gest s.r.l., which has made it one of the most exclusive and elegant wedding locations and restaurants in Brindisi and province.

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