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The kitchen is art and philosophy and enriches our location of added value. It is defined with two nouns “Identity and Exchange”: on the one hand it plays the gastronomic heritage of Puglia, rich in history, culture, customs, promoting economic, ethnic, cultural and social values of the region, on the other hand it does not neglect the stimulation from the international cuisine. The local identity then exchanges with other identities.

Casa Resta adopts a kitchen that respects products of the territory but at the same time, is always looking for new and want to experiment and compare. New combinations, new encounters, new thinking and new creations arise and coexist in equilibrium between the Mediterranean tradition and originality. The goal of our kitchen is to know how to contextualize the foods offered in sophisticated equipment, realized with innovative material and design. Moreover, customers are increasingly oriented towards the need to shift the mood of the event with an appropriate proposal for catering. That's why the menu and the presentation of the food are themed with the setting.


A good chef is able to make people eating also with eyes. Our chefs can solicit sight and inebriate taste and smell with their creations. In short, in every dish and in every gesture of our chefs, there is the desire to give emotions, refinement and unique experiences.

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